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Hurdles Elite Agility 4Pack - Alpha

Hurdles Elite Agility 4Pack - Alpha

  • $5995

 ALPHA Gear Agility Hurdle Kit is probably the most versatile training equipment all in one small carry bag. In the kit you get 8 x Hi-Vis Blue Pyramid Hats and 4 x 30” Mini Poles. You can use each item individually or together. Together, you can make 4 Height Adjustable Hurdles inserting the poles into the allocated holes on the hats. Place the poles either in the 3”, 6” or 9” high positions. Hurdles can be connected together or separated. Separate, the Pyramid Hats are ideal for agility drills or field markers. The 30” poles can be laid on the ground to create unique ladder/ hurdle type drills.


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